MSK Star Building Maintenance is one of the largest and fastest growing privately owned providers of high quality managed services in the Dubai, UAE. While the majority of our industry cleans for appearance alone, We Clean for Wellness, focusing on health and safety, sustainability, and asset preservation of our client’s facilities.

We are committed to delivering the industry’s most complete End to End Service Solution. From the time you invite us to bid on your facility through the renewal process at contract’s end, Harvard will provide you with the most complete set of high quality solutions that help you meet your business objectives. Our solutions drive efficiency and high quality while containing costs.


We work for clients, not quarterly results, private equity, or uninterested shareholders. This allows us to be responsive, flexible, and client focused. The goals we set for the company always take into consideration the best long-term interest of our clients rather than short-term interest of financial pressures. The genesis of the company was in the cleaning industry, but over time, in an effort to best fulfill the needs of our clients, MSK STAR has developed into a company with a suite of managed service solutions to include guard force protection.


By keeping our organizational structure flat and empowering employees to make decisions, we ensure that our clients are never more than “two steps” away from an ultimate decision maker. The benefits to our clients are faster response times, quicker decision making, and greater local support. With our structure, you can be assured that when you are talking to a MSK STAR’s employee, you are talking to a person that has the authority to meet your needs. That culture, in turn, promotes heroic efforts by all employees to exceed clients’ expectations.


We know our clients want affirmation that the Service Excellence we promise is being produced beyond the expected level, day after day. In order to be accountable, our innovative technology platform, provides information that drives efficiency, accuracy, and superior quality results. Technology enables us to provide excellent quality service that is documented.


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do – it is part of our corporate DNA. Our approach doesn’t just look at the safety of our employees, but also the people occupying your facilities and the guests coming in and out. Success is never achieved if a person is hurt while executing our work. As an experienced building service provider, we are vigilant in ensuring that your facility faces minimal opportunities for accidents. Our highly experienced Risk Management team thoroughly trains our employees to ensure services are provided safely within your environment.

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