Dubai Exhaust Cleaning & Equipment Cleaning YOUR EXHAUST SYSTEM, DONE RIGHT!


Grease is a fuel that can ignite with a simple spark from the kitchen cooking line and spread throughout the attic and onto the roof within seconds causing severe damage and potential loss of life. MSK Star Team is trained and certified technicians clean the entire system to ensure that your exhaust system is in compliance with the NFPA #96. We cleans the hood, the duct work, the fan, and the roof if need be. We even provide proof of this through our digital documentation of every clean! Having your exhaust system cleaned regularly is not only for the safety of your customers, employees and your building, it is also a compliance issue. We lay plastic sheets across your entire kitchen to protect your equipment and appliances. When we are finished, we will leave your kitchen spotless having hauled away all debris, garbage and kitchen grease. If required, we will mop the floors so when your staff returns in the morning, they will come in to a kitchen that is ready for them. We will make the visit as short as possible so you may resume work.

We guarantee our work and strive for excellence in customer service. Keep your property, staff and customers safe, call us today! (+971 55 156 7861).

Benefits from professionally cleaned exhaust systems:

  • Improved health standards
  • Decreased risk of fire
  • Better ventilation for smoke and odor removal
  • Compliance with local and national fire and health codes
  • Improved government inspection ratings
  • Greater energy savings
  • Cleaner working environment and minimized product contamination

Service-Tech cleans beyond what is seen.

Optional services:

  • Clean the exhaust filters
  • Scrape and wash underside of hoods, including piping, conduit, fire heads, etc.
  • Wash the interior of water-wash filtering systems.
  • Cut into into ductwork and install new removable metal access doors, where necessary, to reach all areas. These access doors meet current fire prevention regulations.
  1. All components of the system shall be dismantled, and scraped, prior to pressure washing.
  2. All interior ductwork, airflow portion of fans, and hood areas to be left completely free of grease.
  3. Fan belts will be checked.
  4. All access panels will be open and clean.
  5. Areas by hood will be protected and left clean after the job is completed.
  6. Stainless steel hoods are to be polished inside and out.
  7. Cleaning crew shall have special cleaning wands and nozzles to reach difficult portions of the ductwork.
  8. Waste and debris must be captured, and processed according to local waste water by-low.

It is recommended that industrial establishments doing a moderate amount of cooking have their kitchen hoods cleaned every six months. This recommendation increases to every three months if your establishment is open 24 hours, uses wok cooking, charbroiling or cooks in high volume.

We happily serve our commercial hood clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain & Ajman (United Arab Emirates).