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Coupled with years of experience and wide range of expertise working from large scale businesses to delicate setups, our highly trained technicians will provide the level of expertise that meets your expectations and get the job done!

Where’s there smoke there’s fire.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is required for virtually every commercial cooking establishment. Restaurants, hospitals, hotels, employee cafeterias and other food-service locations have a “hood” and ductwork over the stove to exhaust smoke, steam, and fumes out of the building. These exhaust gases leave a residue on the inside of the ductwork. This is usually a grease residue of some sort, depending on the type of cooking. When the buildup of grease becomes heavy, a fire hazard exists. Approximately one of three restaurant fires are caused by grease. Don’t wait to think about kitchen exhaust cleaning service only when a fire hazard happens.

Fires originate in the cooking area, which can then explode into the exhaust system. Keeping a grease-free and fire-safe kitchen exhaust system can protect restaurants from fire damage.

Regularly maintaining the kitchen exhaust system will ensure a secure environment for cooking. A system that is safely working at peak performance will ultimately lead to a working environment that’s cleaner, cooler and more productive for the staff.

Having many years of experience in exhaust cleaning, MSK Star has built a reputation for providing its customers fire safe kitchen exhaust systems. We clearly understand the importance of a properly maintained kitchen exhaust system and what it means to your business. We also help make sure you’re always in compliance with the latest industry regulations. You can rest assure that we are more than qualified for the job.

Our Cleaning includes:

  • Exhaust hoods
  • Horizontal and vertical ductwork
  • Rooftop, centrifugal and all types of exhaust fans

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